Sport plays a leading role in this valley

Whatever time of year, the village of Vigo di Fassa and theFassaValleyare transformed into an open-air gym by the many sporting activities to be found throughout the valley.

Free climbing, fitness itineraries, hiking, horse-riding, tennis, Nordic walking and grass skiing are just some of the opportunities to be had during summer in the Fassa Valley. Mini-golf facilities in Vigo di Fassa and the golf course on the Passo Costalunga-Karerpass are also worth considering.

During the winter, sport focuses on the ski facilities in particular. Enjoy downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing or venturing out into nature wearing snowshoes to discover a whole new way of walking in the open air.

All this makes the Fassa Valley an unmissable stop for those who love sport and getting closer to nature!